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QuickCoin is an easy way to send and receive Bitcoin via Facebook.

Simply login, find a friend, click send, and they get Bitcoin!

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Works on any device, and is useable anywhere on earth.

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QuickCoin is the EASIEST way to get people started with bitcoin.

The next time your friends or family ask you about bitcoin, you can just send them some with QuickCoin!

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creditcard Simplicity

Complicated products create stress. QuickCoin is the simplest way to get started with bitcoin.

dev Security

Security is important. We use proprietary technology to secure your bitcoins-- however we encourage you to treat our wallet the same way you'd treat a real life wallet. Would you carry your life savings in your back pocket? Of course not.

dev Standards

Standards matter. We have high standards in everything we do, from building quality products to ethical matters. We are against people using bitcoin for immoral reasons.

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